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Project Feed the Children is a Non-Profit Organisation run by permanent team members and voluneeers from different backgrounds, with a common goal to care for, teach, and feed, children in the informal and rural settlements of Benoni, Gauteng and Margate KZN.



The Vision, goal, and activities of Project Feed the Children regarding the care of orphaned and vulnerable children in our communities, is also in keeping with the vision of the National Action Plan for Orphans and Other Children. The National action plan defines orphaned and vulnerable children as follows: An orphan is defined as a child under the age of 18 years whose mother, father or both biological parents have died.
The South African Child Gauge mid 2018 states that the total number of orphans in South Africa totals approximately 2.7 million, which equates to 14% of South Africa’s children.

“A vulnerable child is defined as any child under the age of 18 years whose survival, care, protection or development may be compromised due to a particular condition, situation or circumstance that prevents fulfilment of his or her rights.”

We have established a Community Centre within 1 settlement and feed primarily at a school in another. At the kitchens we prepare and serve 2x nutritious hot meals per day, to our ECD children as well as many street children, who are not a part of our ECD programme. This equates to an average of 5 600 plates of food a month, for the two areas of operation.
An average of 60 pensioners, widows and families also receive food parcels from the Cloverdene campus.

We continually ascertain the welfare needs of the community for clothes, blankets, and food parcels. We rely on donations to meet these needs.

 The Cloverdene campus provides counselling to children, mothers, and young adults, within the settlement.

To date, employment has been created for 16 residents within the settlements as managers; cooks; maintenance; ECD teachers, and pastors. Pre-school teachers’ training is provided and paid for by us.

The campus is used for Sunday services, Sunday school, weddings, community meetings, as well as our training centre for empowerment and basic skills training for young parents.

The vegetable gardens are maintained by a community member, who assists the ECD classes to grow their own vegetables for their families.

In the community centre we have established, built, and planted the following:
-Brick and mortar building for community meetings, church, and Sunday school.
-Corrugated/steel prefabs for ECD classes and kitchens
-A fully operational book library within a shipping container.
-A toy library
-ECD Vegetable Gardens
-Empowerment classes for young adults
-Certificate training through Unisa, for ECD teachers


objectives for 2019 through 2022

To continue with the counselling for abused and traumatized victims in Cloverdene.

To train up a second pastor to assist at Cloverdene.

To maintain the growth of the church and Sunday school within the Cloverdene settlement.

To train 4 new ECD teachers through Unisa’s ECD training programme

To maintain employment of the existing 16 people within the project, with the vision of creating more employment for teachers, cooks and pastors/counsellors through growth and expansion to other areas.

To Employ a further 6 people from within the 2 settlements as ECD teachers and cooks.

To create additional educational and social excursions for the children, such as the Zoo’s; Planetarium; cave sites; other schools; and organisations that will be holding sponsorship days.

To maintain the feeding programme in all areas.

To maintain all campuses, and the growth thereof, whilst there is a vision of planting more projects in other informal and rural settlements.

To maintain the food, blanket, and clothing parcel programme on a weekly and monthly basis.

To maintain and refocus on the empowerment training programme in Cloverdene and Margate.


What We Need:


Tinned Baked Beans
Cooking Oil
Mielie Meal
Tinned Pilchards
Soup Powder
Stock Cube


Green beans
Green pepper


Dishwashing liquid
Fly Catcher
Handy Andy
Pine Gel
PPE Equipment

We will appreciate any  toys, clothes, blankets, shoes,books,school books for our library, stationery, or whatever you feel that you would like to give.

To obtain and replace the existing Mazda B3000 LDV with a new LDV, with a canopy for collection of foods, material for maintenance.

For Margate we require the following:

3-Plate Gas Cooker
2 x 25L Pots
1 x 10L Pot
2 x 20kg Gas Bottles
LP Gas
Cooking utensils and implements
PPE Equipment


Contact us

Gauteng Project
Address: N12 Highway Park Informal Settlement
Putfontein Road, Cloverdene, Benoni, Gauteng 1501
Phone: 071 307 9109 or 076 742 7109
E Mail: p.f.t.c.benoni@gmail.com

KZN Project
Address: 49 Queen Street, Manaba Beach, Margate, KZN 4276
Phone: 082 446 0546 or 071 534 3941
E Mail: p.f.t.c.benoni@gmail.com

Help us to help them!

 James 1:27
 True spirituality that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, and widows in their troubles, and to refuse to be corrupted by the world’s values.